The Benefits Of Using Bore Water To Water Your Cattle

Anybody who runs a cattle station or raises cattle as part of a mixed-use farming operation knows that these hefty animals drink prodigious amounts of water. Providing enough water to keep many heads of cattle hydrated can be a constant struggle, especially during the drought-ridden summer months, and relying solely on municipal water sources to keep your cattle supplied is not always a viable option.

Consequently, many cattle farmers have water bores drilled on their land by professional water bore drilling services to provide drinking water for their livestock. Having one of these private water sources drilled on your land can have numerous benefits for cattle farming operations both large and small.

What are the advantages of using bore water to water my cattle?


Having a water bore drilled on your land can represent a significant investment, especially if you are drilling through rocky ground or need to drill particularly deep to reach a suitable aquifer. However, once the bore has been created and a pumping system has been set up, water bores are incredibly cheap to run and provide water at a lower cost than almost any other water source. After a few years, a well-maintained water bore can pay for itself.

You can make a water bore even cheaper to run by using an energy-efficient water pump. Submersible pumps tend to be very energy-efficient, and some solar-powered pumps can operate without drawing any power from your property at all. Consider asking your chosen water bore drilling service for pump recommendations.

Conserves potable water

Water drawn from water bores usually has to be purified and filtered before it is fit for human consumption, but cattle have sturdier constitutions and can tolerate more impurities in their drinking water. Providing your cattle with bore water can help you save as much potable water as possible for human consumption. In particularly isolated communities where potable water has to be delivered, watering your cattle with bore water can solve a lot of your water supply problems.

Usable during droughts

A private water bore can be especially useful if your cattle station is located in an area vulnerable to droughts. During particularly dry periods, local commercial and government-owned water supplies may be restricted or cut off entirely, especially if there is a high bushfire risk.

Water taken from water bores is not subject to these restrictions, and they draw their water from deep aquifers that are not affected by droughts. Having a water bore on standby gives you a reliable backup supply of water for your cattle if your other water supplies are cut off. 

Safer for cattle than groundwater sources

Many cattle farmers use local groundwater supplies, such as ponds, reservoirs and streams, to provide water for their livestock. However, these water sources are vulnerable to pollution caused by manure runoff and soil salinity and can quickly become too contaminated to drink. Although bore water may be contaminated (and you should always have it professionally tested before giving it your cattle), it is much less vulnerable to agricultural pollution.

Cattle can also injure themselves trying to navigate steep banks and mud to reach these sources. Pumping water from a bore directly to your water storage tanks is a risk-free alternative and is much faster and easier than herding cattle to distant groundwater sources.

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