Three Responsibilities of a Trained Fire Warden

Fire wardens are an essential part of fire safety. Every building should have trained fire wardens to ensure safety in case there is a fire. They can also assess the building's readiness in case of an emergency. If you are interested in becoming a fire warden, you need training and certification. Fire warden training includes instruction on safety procedures during a fire, identifying evacuation routes and gauging the scale of an emergency. You can also learn about fire safety equipment, triggering alarms and handling other types of emergencies. Here are some of the responsibilities you will undertake after your fire warden training. 

Building Safety

As the fire warden, you will be required to implement fire safety procedures for your building. A fire warden should know the building's structure and all the evacuation routes. This will ensure that during emergencies, you will easily direct people out of the building. You will be required to lead fire drills. During fire drills, people are trained on exiting the building during an emergency. A fire warden should also inform people about fire hazards. You will also teach people what to do during an emergency. It is essential to know all the people in your building. This way, you can ascertain that everyone is out of the building during emergencies. 


During an emergency, the fire warden's primary duty is to evacuate the building. You will need to move from door to door checking for occupants and advising them to leave the building. You have to direct them to the nearest fire exit. Babies, older adults and the physically handicapped need help exiting the building. As the fire warden, it will be your duty to assist. You will also be required to check the bathrooms and bedrooms to ensure that everyone has left. Do this on your way out. You should even close doors so that the fire does not spread. At the fire assembly point, check that everyone is accounted for. 


The fire warden has to report the emergency to the fire department. You will make use of the fire phone or the mobile phone or send a runner. Any developments in the fire should be reported immediately. Tell the firefighters which floors have been cleared and which have not. When the firefighters arrive, you will be expected to answer their questions. 

Fire warden training will give you the necessary skills to do your job as a fire warden. You can take the training in person or online. 

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